Dr. Ojaswa Sharma
Associate Professor (CSE, Maths)
Ph.D., Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark

Ph.D. students

Aradhya Neeraj Mathur (2018)

Geometric Deep Learning


Gaurav Rai

AI-based illustrative and interactive animation


Shounak Chatterjee

Shape modelling in XR



3D shape reconstruction

Undergraduate researchers

Pragya Sethi

3D Shape Reconstruction


Anish Madaan

City Modelling


Apoorv Khattar

Inference based 3D shape reconstruction


Anshul Mendiratta

Shape modelling in XR




Gurjinder Singh(2020, Ph.D., joint, Chitkara University) – Design of augmented reality learning system and analysis of its effectiveness on cognitive load and technical skills of engineering students

Apoorv Khattar (2019, B.Tech project) – 2D to 3D medical volume stylization

Siddharth Sundar (2019, B.Tech project) – Medical volume colorization

Arnav Kumar (2019, B.Tech. project, joint) – GPU based stateless firewall

Ojaswi Gupta (2018, M.Tech. thesis) – Design surface reconstruction from linear cross-sections

Kapil Gupta (2018, RA) – Virtual reality

Palash Ranjan Bansal (2018, B.Tech project) – RealVol: The future of medical image visualization

Katyayani Singh (2018, B.Tech. project) – Extended reality-based procedural task training systems for young children

Naveen Attri (2018, B.Tech. project) – Telemedicine with VR

Sanidhya Singal (2018, B.Tech. project) – VR walkthroughs for large spaces

Nishima Arora (2017-18, RA) – VR walkthrough

Jalaj Pandey (2017, B.Tech. project) – Augmented reality from 3D architectural models

Hammad Akhtar (2017, B.Tech. project) – Augmented reality from 3D architectural models

Gaurav Rathee (2017, B.Tech. project) – Augmented reality from 3D architectural models

Srinidhi Hegde (2017, B.Tech. project, joint) – Learning based 3D reconstruction

Ojaswi Gupta (2017, B.Tech. project) – Physically based volume rendering

Swati Rathi (2016, M.Tech. SP) – Tree-modelling using L-systems

Prasant Chidella (2016, B.Tech project) – Molecular dynamics on GPU

Prateek Lohchubh (2015, B.Tech. project) – Game AI

Nidhi Agarwal (2015, M.Tech. thesis) – 3D reconstruction from unorganized cross sections