Virtual Campus Project


With this project, we propose to build a smart campus infrastructure. A 3D interactive and immersive virtual/mixed reality environment will be designed to support geospatial services including smart navigation and telepresence. Two key aspects of the system are 3D modeling and immersive rendering. Accurate and detailed 3D modelling of the campus buildings and outdoors is required to build a virtual reality system of the real world. Our approach to modelling will be both manual and semi-automatic to match with the real world. In order to add realism we propose to augment it with interactivity, and physics based simulations. With near-photorealistic rendering of the digital model, we plan to provide an immersive experience to the users of this system. The infrastructure will enable services that utilize geospatial information. Such services include Location Based Services (LBS), augmented reality based indoor/outdoor navigation (integrated with real-time information), and telepresence (What You See Is What I See) for collaborative discussions/work. The system will allow multiple remote users to work real-time in a shared virtual 3D environment.


The following video shows real-time 3D construction of a building from blueprints:


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Virtual Campus Project