Real-time immersive medical volume rendering

Real-time Volume Rendering

In this project, we propose a virtual reality (VR) based immersive walkthrough inside a CT or MRI volume. State-of-the-art rendering algorithms are computationally expensive. This work explores high-quality rendering in real-time using graphics hardware.


Various goals of the project are:

  • Render 3D medical volumes in a near-realistic fashion (in colour and shaded) in real-time,
  • Provide a VR based immersive experience so that doctors can navigate and walk inside the volume to explore (this could help in better diagnosis)
  • Using machine learning based algorithms to highlight problematic regions (like tumours).


The video below shows an initial prototype of rendering and walkthrough in VR environment.

Courtesy: Palash Ranjan Bansal, IIIT-Delhi

Real-time immersive medical volume rendering
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