Space identification and navigation in augmented reality

AR navigation

In this work, we address the two main topics of navigation and space identification within the context of augmented reality. Creating navigable digital assets from real-life buildings is a cumbersome task. We present a mostly automated pipeline to create such replicas from architectural blueprints. We discuss a coherent procedural approach to build the topological information required for navigation, and a semi-automatic generation of hierarchical tags for identification of spaces. The geometric and topologic information along with tags are stored in a spatial database. We address challenges in automating the entire process such that manual effort is reduced to minimal. Our approach to asset creation enables navigation and identification in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Such a digital infrastructure is central to any VR and AR system that utilises these assets for further computations.


Following demo video shows our real-time identification and 3D navigation system:


O. Sharma, J. Pandey, H. Akhtar, and G. Rathee, “Navigation in AR based on digital replicas,” in The Visual Computer Journal, 34 (6-8), pp. 925-936, 2018.

Space identification and navigation in augmented reality